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Launch of Career Development Centre, KNUST

27 May 2015

On the 27th may 2015, the College of Health Sciences, KNUST launched a Career Development Centre in the College which aims to promote research and generate sustainable development programmes for lecturers and other staff members at the university.
The launch was attended by the Provost, Deans and Heads of Departments of the College, the Dean of the Graduate School, the Head of the Human Resource unit and the Director of the Office of Grants and Research. Faculty members and PhD students from the university were also present.

The Provost, Prof. Tsiri Agbenyega was assisted by Dr. Harry Tagbor in launching the Centre. The launch was crowned with a visit to the newly furnished office space for the Career Development Centre.

MCDC has been supporting the development of Career Development Groups (CDGs) in each of their African partner institutions. MCDC is helping to facilitate the integration of CDGs into institutional processes and practices as well as help ensure the sustainability of CDGs beyond the lifespan of  MCDC and other programmes.                              

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