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MCDC awards 5 Initiative Awards

29 August 2011

As part of the MCDC Investigator programme, Initiative Awards of up to $40,000 have been awarded to 5 MCDC Investigators who were previously supported by the Gates Malaria Partnership (GMP).

The aim of these awards was to provide added value to an existing research project as well as provide the background information that will help in the formulation of a new research project.

This was the second round of these awards and applications were reviewed by a panel of independent experts. The primary criterion for making an award was an assessment of the way in which this small grant was likely to provide added value to research directed at the control of malaria in Africa. The 4 awards were made to:

Pamela Magistrado for a proposal entitled 'PfEMP1-based malaria vaccine development for African children and pregnant women'

Lesong Conteh for a proposal entitled 'Perceived quality of malaria treatment in a context of decreasing malaria endemicity'

Standwell Nkhoma for a proposal entitled 'P. falciparum genetic structure before and after the deployment of an artemisin-based combination therapy in Malawi'

Happy Phiri for a proposal entitled 'Histamine levels in Malawian children with malaria'


Kalifa Bojang for a proposal entitled 'Risk factors for malaria in children presenting to outpatient departments in a setting of low transmission'


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