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Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM)

The Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine is an international postgraduate centre of excellence devoted to research, education and training, and consultancy. The School was founded in 1898, becoming the world’s first institution devoted primarily to tropical health. It has extensive links with UN organisations, health ministries, universities, non-governmental organisations and research institutions worldwide, and is involved in numerous programmes to control diseases of poverty and to develop more effective systems for health care.

The School prides itself on its links with developing countries and is committed to increasing such partnerships. In 2002, there were 126 research students in the School registered for higher degrees, from 41 different countries.

Research on malaria is a key component of the School’s activities and covers a broad spectrum - from laboratory-based science, through clinical trials to health technology assessment. The malaria program receives major support from a range of funders including the BMGF ($50 million for the Innovative Vector Control Programme) and the EU (18 million Euros for ANTIMAL, and anti-malarial drug development programmes).

LSTM also plays a significant role in the Wellcome Trust Tropical Centre in Liverpool (in partnership with the University of Liverpool) and has mentored many of the fellows through this scheme, including several at the MLW-Programme in Malawi.

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