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The role of RDTs for the targeting of ACTs at community level; a cluster randomized, controlled trial

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Rapid Diagnostic Test


This project aims to determine how training of shopkeepers in the use of rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) for malaria could improve the management of this condition in Ghana.


Following background and community sensitization, a randomized trial including 23 clusters of ‘chemical’ shops has been established with rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) being used in 11 clusters, whilst the remainder continue with their usual practices. Clients to the shops are asked about the treatment that they have received and a blood film is collected to check on the diagnosis of malaria. This study is perceived by the international community to be particularly important in deciding on ways in which any future AMFm project delivered through the private sector might operate.

Status – Ongoing; recruitment completed in October 2012. Analysis under way.  

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