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Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar (UCAD) - Sénégal, CDG

UCAD CDG Members

Prof. Oumar Gaye, Prof. Ousmane Faye, Prof. Jean-Louis Ndiaye, Prof. Mamadou Sarr, Dr. Aminata Colle Lo


The CDG has offered us an opportunity to interact with different actors of the university and exchange learning, knowledge and skills from formers deans, professors, directors and supervisors from different African and northern universities. By setting up CDG groups the link between different specialties has been strengthened and given a more global overview of what out puts and outcomes are expected for a junior scientist in terms of career development.

The PDP and postdoctoral supervision programme were existing in UCAD but the way the CDG is organized will help to fill the gaps in term of giving the PhD and postdoctoral researchers more skills to become more independent and self-confident to build their own career development. The creation of the mentoring programme helped to recognize what already exists and to train mentors in a different manner.

All CDG UCAD members of the 3 groups have been identify within the Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Sciences and Technology.

Terms of reference and standards have been developed and validated by the Doctoral School.

A list of training courses and seminars will added to the existing modules for research training at UCAD, and Action Plans for mentoring and postdoctoral supervision have been developed.

Space for PhD students, postdoctoral and junior researchers has been assigned and is currently being refurbished.

If you would like further information please contact jlndiaye [at] yahoo [dot] com (Prof. Jean Louis Ndiaye)

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