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The Programme

The MCDC PhD programme offers support to candidates of high academic calibre who have demonstrated a strong commitment to research relevant to the prevention or control of malaria.

A rigorous procedure was used to select the most able African students to pursue PhD studies based in the African countries participating in the programme - Ghana, Malawi, Senegal, Tanzania, and Uganda. 18 PhD students were selected, and each allocated to one of the five African partner universities.

Students are registered for a PhD at one of the African institutions and are also linked to a European partner institution where they are co-supervised. Provision has also been made for students to spend up to one year in Europe.

What’s covered?

The four-year award covers the PhD stipend and tuition fees. Research project costs of up to a maximum of £50k are covered by the award, as well as accommodation costs for up to one year in a selected European institution.

All students are supported in a structured personal development planning programme to assist with the scientific and educational requirements of their PhD programme; as well as with their career development planning beyond their PhD. Once their PhD is completed students are invited to join the MCDC Investigator Programme and eligible to apply for the postdoctoral awards to support continued research in their own institution.

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