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Research Assistants interviewing pregnant women on malaria and anaemia in pregancy

Our overarching aim is to improve malaria research capacity in Africa

Big investments are being made in malaria control and eradication in Africa, but there is a real concern that these could be wasted due to a lack of trained personnel in endemic countries. Qualified and experienced staff are needed to conduct applied research into the best ways to deploy currently available tools for malaria control, to develop new tools and to find ways of supporting the health systems that will be needed to deliver these tools.

To improve the ability of African scientists to undertake high quality research relevant to the treatment or prevention of malaria we provide recently qualified graduates with new technical skills, develop their critical abilities through a well supervised doctoral programme, expose them to a group of critical but supportive scientists and provide them with continuing support after graduation.


  • Establish a new cohort of African scientists registered for a PhD at one of five African partner universities and providing them with the skills and tools to undertake high quality malaria research.
  • Provide ongoing support for the career development of postdoctoral researchers.
  • Work with our African partner institutions to identify opportunities to strengthen their PhD programmes.

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