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Dr Evelyn Ansah receives TDR Award

17 December 2013

MCDC Investigator, Dr Evelyn Ansah, has been granted a TDR award for a research capacity strengthening and knowledge management project seeking to improve disease control in Ghana.

The project aims to address a lack of capacity to process, analyse and interpret important, but overlooked, routinely collected health information which may allow evidence-based decisions for the control and elimination of infectious diseases. Five multidisciplinary Regional Health Management Teams will receive training and support to develop and implement proposals answering key health questions relevant to their local setting using routinely collected data. The teams will produce reports and disseminate their findings. A record of the use of research findings within their locality will also be kept. The project should help inform disease control efforts, lead to better allocation and use of limited resources, and ultimately lead to health improvement for the people of Ghana.

Dr Ansah works for the Research & Development Division of the Ghana Health Service. She obtained her PhD through MCDC's predecessor project, the Gates Malaria Partnership. She has an MCDC Senior Fellowship Award looking at the role of malaria Rapid Diagnostic Tests (RDTs) in targeting malaria treatment at community level






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