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Position Announcement: Malaria Case Management Officer

26 August 2014

Bioko Island Malaria Control Project, Phase III
Medical Care Development International – MCDI

Medical Care Development International (MCDI) is seeking qualified applicants for the position of Malaria Case Management Officer for the Bioko Island Malaria Control Project, Phase III (BIMCP III). The BIMCP III is a five-year program, funded by Marathon Oil Corporation, which seeks to substantially reduce morbidity and mortality caused by malaria on Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea. The project’s interventions build on those established during Phase I (2004-2008) and Phase II (2009-2013) and are centered on indoor residual spraying, distribution of long-lasting insecticidal nets, vector surveillance, malaria diagnosis and case management, behavior change communication, and monitoring and evaluation. The project includes a substantial investment in human resources development and a strong commitment to capacity-building and integration, to prepare the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare to assume responsibility for the management of the BIMCP's malaria control activities. MCDI implements the BIMCP together with partner organizations including the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM), Texas A&M University's AgriLife Research, and Yale University.

MCDI is a division of Medical Care Development Inc., and has been accorded consultative status (Roster) with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. MCDI is a founding member of the CORE Group of PVOs. The mission of MCDI is to enhance the well-being of peoples and communities in developing nations by means of technical assistance in the areas of health and socio-economic development. We develop and disseminate tools, mechanisms and strategies that improve access and management of health care services. We work with a wide spectrum of organizations, from grassroots community groups to multi-lateral donor institutions, to improve the quality and quantity of care, make it affordable to the neediest people on earth.
Overview of Position

The Case Management Officer (CMO) is responsible for the development, implementation, technical backstopping and coordination of MCDI's activities in the field of malaria diagnosis and case management at hospital and health center levels and at the patient and/or caretaker level. The CMO additionally oversees the BIMCP's capacity-building activities relating to malaria diagnosis and case management within the MOHSW and ensures close collaboration between Project staff and the MOHSW staff seconded to the project. The CMO is also responsible for backstopping the National Health Information System (NHIS), created and managed by the project. This position is based in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea.

Qualifications, Skills and Experience required of the Case Management Officer

• Medical Doctor with Master's degree either in Public Health, Medical Parasitology or Tropical Medicine, and at least 5 years experience in clinical medicine, preferably internal medicine/pediatrics and/or infectious diseases/tropical medicine.
• Demonstrated expertise in the management of uncomplicated and complicated/severe malaria, and in the provision if Intermittent Preventive Treatment to pregnant women (IPTp), in accordance with the most current protocols and treatment regimens.
• At least five years of experience in the planning and management of malaria control projects in developing countries.
• Strong knowledge of malaria diagnosis through microscopy (techniques, procedures and quality control) and in the use of rapid diagnostic tests.
• Experienced in developing and implementing community-based approaches to malaria case management.
• Experience in engaging the private sector to expand malaria case management coverage.
• Demonstrated experience and skills in training/capacity building for malaria case management and IPTp, in a university and/or hospital setting.
• Good interpersonal skills, team player, able to work under stress. Sensitivity to the concerns of the developing world and able to work with local authorities and community-based providers from different cultural backgrounds.
• Good experience with data analysis, technical report writing, scientific publications.
• Fluent oral and written Spanish; good knowledge of English; knowledge of French would be an additional asset.
• Highly computer literate, familiar with Windows programs for word-processing, spreadsheets, database management, statistical analysis, presentations, and electronic communication.

Line of Authority

The CMO reports directly to the BIMCP Chief of Party and through him to the Home Office Project Manager and the International Division Director. The CMO will also collaborate with the Senior Program Officer as well as the Procurement Officer. S/he additionally will work closely with the directors and/or key representatives of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, WHO and other health sector partners (particularly those engaged in supporting case management and the prevention of malaria.

The specific responsibilities of the CMO will include, inter alia:

Program Oversight

1. Developing and updating yearly and quarterly action plans for malaria case management and ensuring their timely and effective implementation.

2. Providing technical assistance for malaria diagnosis and case management activities (including management of severe malaria), at Government hospitals and health centers. This will include ensuring proper implementation of the national treatment protocol, reinforcing diagnosis through improved microscopy in health facilities with laboratories and use of RDTs in health facilities without laboratories, and ensuring the supply of appropriate quantities of ACT and other drugs and medical supplies procured by the BIMCP.

3. Providing technical assistance for enhanced provision of Intermittent Preventive Therapy for pregnant women (IPTp), to include training of providers, distribution of SP to health facilities, supervision and monitoring, and dissemination of IEC messages and material. This work will be conducted in close coordination with the MOHSW and partner organizations involved in IPTp.

4. In close coordination with the MOHSW, developing and/or updating case management training materials based on the most current protocols and, to the extent possible, on the pre-existing materials developed under the BIMCP.

5. Supporting the development/expansion of community-based case management activities, to include those being carried out by volunteer Community Malaria Agents, in the framework of the project’s focal interventions in high-prevalence communities.

6. Undertaking regular supportive supervision rounds in collaboration with MOH counterparts and providing feedback along with recommendations on how redress possible performance deficiencies.

7. Via the Home Office, ordering additional malaria medications, as per MCDI procedures and national treatment protocols. Order other supplies as needed.

Capacity Building of National Staffs

1. Overseeing continued development of the skills of the national Case Management Officer, to include on-the-job training and mentoring, and in-country formal training.

2. Evaluating the knowledge and skills of the National Case Management Officer on a regular basis, to identify needs for additional training, and when knowledge and skills benchmarks are attained, recommend additional responsibilities for the National Case Management Officer.

IEC/Behavior Change Communication

1. In collaboration with the national IEC/BCC Officer, support implementation of an effective IEC/BCC plan for case management, based on the BIMCP Communication Strategy.

2. Ensure that IEC activities relating to case management are implemented in a coordinated manner.

Monitoring and Evaluation

1. In coordination with the BIMCP Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, supervising and reinforcing the National Health Information System, ensuring that data from inpatient and outpatient registers are being compiled and processed in a regular and accurate fashion, and that the system at a minimum provides regular and complete data on the number of malaria cases treated at government health facilities in their inpatient, outpatient, emergency, maternity and maternal-child health departments.

2. Reviewing data generated through the Malaria Inventory and Supervision Module (MISM); determine drug resupply dates and amounts for each health facility served by the Project; submit drug and laboratory supply procurement requests to the HO Procurement Officer.

3. Organize and participate in quarterly supervision rounds of all government health facilities, in close collaboration with the MOHSW and the NMCP.

4. Facilitate the collection and analysis of clinical data on resistance to malaria drugs, and the institutionalization of this activity.

5. Participating in Operational Research: design, data collection, data analysis, writing reports.


1. Representing MCDI and the BIMCP in relevant meetings with the MOHSW, the National Malaria Control Program, and partner organizations. Representative functions will be carried out with guidance from the MCDI Home Office and consultation with the BIMCP Chief of Party.

2. Liaising as required with representatives of the MOHSW, Marathon Oil, and other key agencies present in EG, to address management issues, improve coordination and seek partnering opportunities.

3. As appropriate and as approved by the Home Office participating in malaria-related conferences and workshops interacting with academic colleagues from LSHTM, LSTM, Texas A&M, and technical bodies such as WHO/AFRO.

4. Participating in project development efforts, so as to possibly increase program activities on the mainland of EG and elsewhere.


1. Contributing to the preparation of the BIMCP weekly and quarterly reports.

2. Assisting as required in the preparation of presentations for national, regional and international technical meetings and n the preparation of other bulletins, news releases, and analyses of project performance.

Other duties

1. Performing other activities/duties as determined and agreed to by or with the MCDI Home Office 

MCDI offers a competitive salary and benefits package, including paid housing, health insurance and vacation.

Interested individuals with the qualifications specified should submit a current CV and names and contact information of three references to: mcdijobs [at] mcd [dot] org

The Subject line should read: BIMCP Case Management Officer

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