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Preliminary data on the impact of combined scale up of indoor residual house spray (IRS) and long-lasting insecticide treated bednets [LLINs] on development of pyrethroid resistance in Malawi

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Bed Nets

This project has investigated the impact of  IRS  with pyrethroid insecticides, used in combination with pyrethroid impregnated LLINs, on pyrethroid resistance in anopheline mosquitoes in four districts of Malawi, two of which had been sprayed in 2010 and two of which had not. Bednet usage was high in all four areas. Fewer anopheline mosquitoes were found in villages that had been sprayed a year previously than in the control areas.

Anopheles funestus mosquitoes in all four areas showed a high level of resistance to pyrethroids but this was no higher in areas where IRS had been used than in the control areas where only LLINs had been used.  Very few An. gambiae mosquitoes were caught, but those that were obtained were sensitive to pyrethroids. A paper describing these findings is in preparation.

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