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Site characterization as a prelude to a study of malaria elimination using a combination of malaria control strategies in the Sahel region of Burkina Faso

Lead researcher: 
Resident in Burkina Faso

On the basis of its climate, the district of Gorom Gorom in Oudalan Province, Burkina Faso was selected for this study. A census in 19 villages was undertaken in February 2011 and about 19,000 residents were identified. A cross-sectional survey was undertaken in 2,250 randomly selected subjects in 15 villages. The parasite prevalence, as judged by microscopy, was much higher than had been expected, ranging from 16% to 40% across villages. Due to artisanal gold mining activities in the area, a substantial degree of internal migration was noted. On the basis of the migrant nature of the population and the relatively high parasite prevalence it was decided that Gorom-Gorom district would not be a suitable site for pre-elimination activities

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