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Perceived quality of malaria treatment in a context of decreasing malaria endemicity

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Gambian woman being interviewed


This proposal explores two related topics: In an area of decreasing malaria endemicity

  1. do consumer and provider notions of good quality malaria treatment change over time and change in similar ways? and
  2. how do providers attempt to signal the quality of their services to consumers?

The project will investigate if and how notions of perceived quality have changed in recent years amid changes to malaria treatment, specifically the introduction of a new first line drug, the use of rapid diagnostic tests to screen for malaria and an apparent fall in the incidence of malaria.

As part of the Dr Conteh's original Gates Malaria Partnership supported PhD in-depth interviews were conducted with health care providers and consumers in Farafenni between 2002 and 2005. A diverse range of characteristics associated with quality were highlighted.  The purpose of this follow up study is to investigate whether perceptions of good quality malaria treatment in this region have changed, given the new treatment guidelines and a fall in the incidence of malaria since the original research was conducted. Furthermore, the project aims to investigate if and how providers have responded to any shifting perceptions of quality among consumers and specifically, have providers identified a need to change how they promote/signal their good quality malaria treatment?


Field work started in July 2012. With the help of two students from the UK, many of the participants in the previous trial have been identified and in-depth interviews with well trained field staff commenced in August 2012. It is anticipated that completion of these interviews will take 6 – 8 months.It is anticipated that analysis will be completed at the end of 2013.

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