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The aim of the Malaria Capacity Development Consortium (MCDC) Leadership Development Programme (LDP) is to strengthen the skills of MCDC scientists to lead and manage internationally competitive research groups.


The programme uses a series of facilitated interactions to strengthen the leadership skills of 13 African scientists over a 12 month period from September 2014 - August 2015. The group comprises a mix of established and experienced researchers as well as new, junior postdoctoral scientists, all from the MCDC network, jointly referred to as MCDC Investigators. An extended overview of the MCDC LDP is available here.

The MCDC LDP programme has been developed with Quilibra Consulting Ltd, who will support selected candidates, using a blended learning approach, to reach four key developmental stages:

  • LDP Pathway ‐ Key Step 1: "Committed to Lead” – Focusing on: Self Awareness.  
  • LDP Pathway ‐ Key Step 2: “Equipped to Lead” – Focusing on learning and developing essential skills now
  • LDP Pathway ‐ Key Step 3: "Connect & Navigate” – Focusing on establishing and developing professional and collaborative / supportive relationships.
  • LDP Pathway ‐ Key Step 4: "Ready to Deliver” – Focusing on leadership.

Further information on the LDP key stages and exchange trips.

To assist candidates in reaching their developmental goals, the programme is using a mix of one to one and group work; face to face, virtual learning, online and community interaction, facilitated and self‐led learning and short exchange trips with the aim of improving the way they lead, and the impact and results they can achieve.  The LDP will complement other activities that each participant is already undertaking as part of their career development and therefore targets the essential skills investigators need to master early in their professional careers as leaders in science. The programme takes in to account individual needs and capabilities whilst focussing on the core competences needed to effectively lead an internationally renowned programme or research team.

See a copy of the final report here

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